We envision a young empowered, innovative, responsible and accountable generation positively contributing to climate change and sustainable development processes

2016 – 2020 strategy

Youth Engagement

To build Zimbabwean youth’s capacity to engage and participate in national, regional, continental and global climatic change, Disaster Risk Reduction(DRR) and Sustainable Development Goals(SDG’s) processes and initiatives in a way to create a knowledgeable generation of effective policy makers and implementers

Community Engagement

To initiate, expand, up-scale and replicate community based sustainable interventions to climate change that translates into strengthening of existing livelihoods, ensures household food security and guarantee employment creation for youth


Information Dissemination

To find innovative ways to disseminate and simplify public policies and strategies related to Sustainable Development Goals(SDG’s), Disaster Risk Reduction/Management and Climate Change .

Policy, Advocacy, Awareness & Lobby

Climate Change Policy, Advocacy and Lobby(CLIMPAL) Programme

Green and Inclusive Energy Advocacy

Green Schools Program

2017 Green Schools Program

2018 Green Schools Program

Youth Empowerment Program

GEF – SGP Mvurwi Pilot project

DRR Policy and Advocacy

2019 VFL Program

Action 24 Comic Booklet

Green and Inclusive Energy program in Zimbabwe. Increasing Youth participation in renewable energy policies and strategies. Renewable energy is energy from a source that is not depleted when used such as wind, solar power, small hydro-power or biomass



Action 24 as a Trust Organization is mandated by the law to operate and achieve its tasks and objectives across the national boundaries of Zimbabwe, Mashonaland Central Province in Mvurwi town, Ward 28 which is 100 kilometres North West of the capital city Harare.


The Green Schools Program provides funding for schools to create environmental learning opportunities for students, teachers and the school community. The Green Schools Program seeks to incubate and stimulate climate action that leads children into living and leading sustainable green lifestyles



Action 24 with financial support from Konrad Adenauer Stiftung is implementing the Climate Change Policy Advocacy and Lobby (ClimPAL) program whose aim is to assist climate policy implementation in Zimbabwe through facilitation of high level meetings and discussions for stakeholders.

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