Policy Advocacy & Awareness

We envision a young empowered, innovative, responsible and accountable generation positively contributing to climate change and sustainable development processes

Green & Inclusive Energy Advocacy

Green and Inclusive Energy program in Zimbabwe. Increasing Youth participation in renewable energy policies and strategies. Renewable energy is energy from a source that is not depleted when used such as wind, solar power, small hydro-power or biomass

Mr Lewis Makurumure

Youths need to be pro-active and leverage on innovation in order to effectively participate in Green and Inclusive Energy initiatives, and adopt an entrepreneurial approach in order to benefit from the entire programme.”.


GIE Launch Report

Nothing for us without us is for us. If green energy is the way to go in saving our planet from collapsing, then we must ensure that no one is  being left behind; rich or poor, urban or rural, marginal or non-marginalized, we are all equal and ever voice matters

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